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Never Suspected

It’s been observed time and again that one of the most annoying things about this fandom of a show about assassins is the almost insignificant amount of time the fanfic it generates spends on Weiss actually killing people. After all, as my dear Laila pointed out, no matter how many deaths the villains of the show cause, the perpetrators of what is without a doubt the longest string of murders in Tokyo history are Weiss themselves. This idea is very much about this, but for a change rather than being about murder as the assassin sees it – which is well worth exploring – this is about the process from the point of view of the unfortunate target.

The Devil's Greatest Trick
Death walks Tokyo's streets, strikes, and vanishes without a word. Weiss from a target's perspective. Oneshot.

Of course, Weiss being Weiss, the target is inevitably a dangerous criminal responsible for many deaths themselves, but something else the fandom tends to do is elevate this to the point where it becomes a parody of villainy. No matter what terrible things Weiss’ targets do, they are still human beings. Forget that and you cheapen everything about the show and lose a lot of what makes Weiss so interesting.

Anyway, to return to this particular fic, the inspiration – as you might gather from clues sprinkled liberally throughout the story – is the film The Usual Suspects. Beyond the fact that it’s a brilliant movie, it presents the villain, Keyser Soze (whoever he is), as a person that the criminals and even some of the cops in the film look upon as nothing short of the Devil himself. This story is based on the idea that after several years and goodness only knows how many murders, this is probably how the criminal fraternity of Tokyo regard Weiss, except without even the comfort of a creepy name to call them.

On a side note, if anyone out there would like to draw a picture of Weiss in a police line up like at the beginning of The Usual Suspects, I would be forever in their debt.




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